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Dec 31, 2021

The hosts pontificate on the importance of clothing & finding joy in your appearance. Then Rita tells the story of Rebecca Lukens, an American businesswoman & the first woman industrialist. She took over & reinvented her father’s steel business, steering it to become a leader in the new science of boilerplate steel.

Dec 25, 2021

Calling all readers & TV watchers! The hosts start off the show with their favorite books & shows from this year. Then AV tells the story of Inge Ginsberg, a Holocaust survivor, spy & journalist turned Death Metal Grandma. Thank you, again, for your support this year.

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Dec 10, 2021

AV and Rita are back! Catch up with our intrepid hosts as they talk about the extended production break and tell the story of Betty Reid Soskin - the oldest living Park Ranger. There is way more to her story than wearing Park Service green though.